If you cherish Lake Simcoe and the way of life along its waterways, join us in our fight. We need help with projects like The WAVE. We need lots of new communities to get involved with The WAVE. Talk to us and find out how your community - large or small - can get involved.

There are 400,000 people in the watershed and our goal is to help everyone understand the problems of the lake and be a part of the solution. We need expertise in healthy gardening, communications, fundraising, building membership, advocacy, and we need to get new partner groups aboard. We need everyone to network and help get more people to participate. We promise to make things fun and to help you connect with new and interesting people.

Here are information sheets you can view and print out about the Rescue Coalition, The WAVE and the fiery Ladies of the Lake raising awareness about Lake Simcoe and translating awareness into action.

The Rescue Lake Simcoe Coalition-A catalyst for action
Ladies of the Lake Calendar-Helping rescue the Lake