Sick of the weeds in the lake?

Excess phosphorus entering the lake from fertilizers and household products are strangling Lake Simcoe and our rivers by causing an overgrowth of aquatic weeds and algae.

Like to fish in the lake?

Over 90% of the cold water fish in the lake are stocked because they can’t maintain a healthy population. When aquatic weeds decompose they suck the oxygen out of the lower layers of the lake.

What can one household do?

1kg of chemical fertilizer can produce 1000 kg of aquatic weeds. Every household can have a significant impact on the health of the lake.

Free Help is at hand.

Contact the WAVE Patrol and schedule a visit to your community

Our WAVE E-Alerts, target yard behaviours that will have the most positive impact on the Lake.

The WAVE E-Alert#1: Great Grass
The WAVE E-Alert#2: Alternative Types of Lawns
The WAVE E-Alert#3: Rethinking your Landscape
The WAVE E-Alert#4: Saving Water

The WAVE E-Alert#5: Shoreline Naturalization
The WAVE E-Alert#6: Home Composting

Pass the information along.

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